I just love creating labels for personalised bottled water/wine/juice or any function for that matter. There is just something about finding out what the client has in mind and then putting it all together and seeing their faces when they collect their order and the photos of the event that they send to me afterwards. I get such fulfilment from this.

Our labels are created to your needs and ideas for your functions. The water analysis and the legal stuff is put in small at the back or bottom of your label and does not take up the bulk of your label. I mean, who wants a huge company logo up in your face on your wedding day or your sons’ first birthday party?

If possible I try to add a different cut to it so that you don’t have to have the same old boring rectangle labels.


So now you have a fancy label….. but it doesn’t go with the rest of your functions stationery. That’s where I can also help you. Let’s start with the invites and pull the same theme through to your tables. Be it for the menus, programs, thank you cards or even the ‘JUST MARRIED’ car stickers.

Yip, your ONE STOP DESIGNER SHOP!  We also have creative ladies that create gift boxes and baby shower nappy cakes, the works.

And what would a ONE STOP SHOP BE WITHOUT e-invites? In today’s day and age with everything on-line; We provide digital invites that you can email to your friends. Taking it one step forward, we can create an awesome website invite for your special day. Load photos of your entourage, your guests, and your venue and let everyone share their experience on your site via Instagram on the day. Making your day just a little bit more WOW!


Being in the printing industry all my working life and having your parents own a printing shop and being a small business owner myself, I have a wealth of business start up knowledge; especially when it comes to starting a business on a shoe string budget. Sound familiar? Pop in and come and see me at the shop.

I can help you with:

  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Your web and social media presence and maintenance
  • Signage and vehicle branding
  • Invoices and Receipt Books
  • Process Forms and procedures
  • Bookkeeping systems (Even simple excel ones)

I strongly believe where there is a will, THERE IS A WAY and there are many ways to dig for money.

Graphic Design Portfolio