Reverse Osmosis Purification System


Excluding Installation



Stage 1: Sediment Filter

Stage 2: Carbon Block Filter

Stage 3: GAC Filter

Stage 4: Reverse Osmosis Membrane 50 Gallons per day.*

Stage 5: Taste & Odour Filter

Stage 6: Mineral Injector (Optional Extra)

Stage 7: Alkaline Filter (Optional Extra)

Stage 8:  Ultra Violet (Optional Extra)


This system does have waste water. Due to the extremely small pore size of the Reverse Osmosis Membrane, a minimum of 3bar pressure needs to be applied to the water for the Reverse Osmosis process to work.  Should your house feed water not be at least 3 bar, a booster pump will need to be installed. For this reason, the RO system comes with a 9 litre pressurised storage tank.  This is to ensure that one always has a decent pressure water flow coming from the tap when needed and not have to wait 5 minutes for a glass of water.

The RO membrane does not withhold the contaminants removed from the water but rather washes them out of the system, hence the waste water.

here is a ratio of 1:3 water to waste water. In other words, for every glass of pure water produced, the system will wash 3 glasses of water away. This is a huge concern for some people. We suggest that the waste water not go down the drain but be extended to ones garden or to a storage tank that one can use to say wash ones car with.

The advantage of the germs not being stored in the membrane is that the RO membrane can last up to 3 years. Should one service the pre-filters regularly, this can be even longer.

*One can request a 100gpd membrane, should you need to use more than 50 gallons per day.

 *Larger pressurised tanks are also available, should you need more than 9 litres on tap at once.


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