The Water Hole


At our shop on 40 Main Road Saldanha, across the road from Protea Hotel, we provide water on tap and our other services.

The Water Hole is compliant with the health regulations of the West Coast District Municipality and has been issued a certificate of acceptability for a food premises. The certificate is proudly hung on the wall in the shop.

Our water is purified with a semi-industrial water purification system, stored in a food grade tank (as normal plastic tanks are not recommended as a drinking water storage unit) and is then treated with Ultra Violet which sterilizes any germs that may still be present in the water.  More details on our water on tap and the testing results thereof can be found at the bottom of this page.

One can buy containers from us and bring them for re-fills or you are more than welcome to bring your own containers.

Our fridge is fully stocked with cold bottled water and the deep freeze has refreshing ice lollies for sale.

Refills @ R1 per litre


What we love about our 20 litre re-fill containers is that the tap is within the bottles parameters and does not stick out. When you are driving and your bottle falls over, you don’t hear glug, glug, glug, because the tap has broken off and your boot is now a pool of water. (Speaking from experience, can you tell?)


We run a loyalty card system for our clients. On your first visit, you are issued with a loyalty card which is signed off on every refill visit. Every 10th refill is FREE. So please keep your cards nearby insuring that you never miss a sign off.

Loyalty Cards